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With Flying Colours 11. Student´s book
 Michael Haagensen, Anu Tammeleht
XI Klass
Lehekülgede arv: 148 lk
Värviskeem: värviline
Formaat: 20,5 x 28
Köide: pehme kaas
Ilmumisinfo: Esmatrükk, ilmunud 2011
ISBN: 9789985025628
Kood: 5682
Hind koolidele: 11.73 + 9% km = 12.79 EUR

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Rahva Raamatx

With Flying Colours 11 is the second in the series of language textbooks designed specifi cally to meet the needs of English classes in Estonian secondary schools. It could however, also be used very easily in general English courses for all students between the ages of 14 and 20 and could even be used in one-to-one private lessons. The content of each unit develops the learner’s abilities in each of the four main language skills with the special emphasis on the topics and activities that will help secondary school students prepare for the Estonian national exam in English.
The units have been designed to fi t the school year of 35 weeks, and so each can be covered over a three week period. While the topics could be covered in any order, using the original order of the units is advisable since the book starts by revising grammar and usage from previous years before presenting material at the next level.
The contents pages have been designed to make it as easy as possible to find activities.
Reading and speaking – main texts, additional texts and speaking activities
Listening – a variety of fun listening activities to encourage practical skills
Language focus – grammar, vocabulary and usage activities
Writing – functional tasks that also reflect the writing section of the national exam

With Flying Colours 11 comes with a student’s book and two CDs.
The Student’s Book has gap filling activities so students can write directly into their own copy, making each book the perfect study resource when revising for the exams.
Disc 1 contains the audio files for the listening activities.
Disc 2 has keys for the tasks, tapescripts of the listening activities, extra material and powerpoint slides for units to help the teacher prepare for the classes.